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Raavan June 20, 2010

Posted by amrut in Commentary.

So I spent a good part of yesterday watching Raavan and then Raavanan, and I think that they are very nicely made movies. Narration wise, good. Visually, awesome, like literally, stunning. I’d say its the Crouching-Tiger-Hidden-Dragon equivalent of Indian cinema (since it was criticized for a weak plot too, but was visually stunning). Its like an advertisement for Kerala and the Konkan coast.

In the Tamil version, ‘Ram’ (Dev, Phritviraj) does a really bad job. Imho. And I liked Abhishek Bachchan’s portrayal of ‘Raavan’ better than Vikram’s. I thought he brought a bit of eccentricity to it and that was nice. I loved the bak-bak-bak-bak scenes.

The thing I liked, I guess, in retrospect, apart from the visual-extra-cheese-pizza-ness (read ‘wow’), is that the narration had depth. I’ve been thinking about some parts of the movie today and that doesn’t happen to me often. I might actually see this movie again to figure out the deeper parts that I surely would’ve missed.

Also read: http://baradwajrangan.wordpress.com/2010/06/19/review-raavan/

Also read: The Ramayana, especially a Kerala version, which criticizes Ram for Agnipariksha.


1. Sahaj Cheema - June 20, 2010

I loved the place where the movie is shot. BEAUTIFUL. liked the music a lot too. But I think the movie could have been much better if Beera’s ( the main protagonist) character had more intensity to it.Abhishekh fails to add that ‘Awe’ to the character to Beera that Saif Ali Khan added to ‘Langada Tyagi’ in Omkara!

2. amrut - June 22, 2010

You mean the places. Apparently, Kerala and Konakan coast. And Rajasthan for the wedding.

3. Karthika - June 23, 2010

After some thought, I’ve decided I liked the Tamil version better. Though Abhishek Bachchan was nicer to look at than Vikram, I sympathised more with Veera. I’m going to attribute that to his acting. However, Priya Mani’s outfits were better in the Hindi version [no one touched on that little pointless fact :)]. Universally, however, it has been acknowledged that Mrs Rai-Bachchan looked old. With an ungainly display of wattle, apparently. I wouldn’t mind watching the movie again to poke fun at that.

4. amrut - June 26, 2010

You’ve done a compensation thing in your head. Mr. Bachchan looked good, hence Vikram must get the better actor award.

5. Karthika - June 29, 2010

That does not even make sense.

6. amrut - June 29, 2010

Fine, lets do another marathon. This time point by point comparison ok. I say, we watch it together, streaming on two laptops.

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